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  • Research aim is to find best bittern volume as coagulants and end value of TSS liquid waste. Liquid waste used is liquid waste at PTAdiprima Suraprinta paper industry, Gresik. Condition defined are liquid waste pH = I I, early stirring velocify = I00 rpm, slow stirring velocify = 30 rpm, early stirringtime = I minute, time to solid for settled at bottom = 60 minute. The running condition are bittern volume (ml) = 1,2,3 and 4, stirring time (minutes) = 15, 30, 45, 60, and 75. Conducted procedure on this research comprise early analysis, waste alkaline, bittern volume preparation, jar test, and jar test analysis. Early analysis and jar analysis comprise pH analysis and TSS. Wmte alkaline purposed to change early waste pHpom 7 to I I. Waste alkaline process conducted with aation of CU(OH)~so lution. Jar test process usefil to react CU(OH)s~o lution with bitters as caagulant-foculant to string suspentedparticles to get easy to settled at the bottom. The research result shown that with addition of bittern volume on liquid waste in paper industry the TSS value is &crease significantly. Beside bittern volume, slow stirring time also influential to TSS value decrease. TSS low value reach on 4 ml bittern volume addition with 75 minutes stirring time. Beside of TSS value decrease, TSS % recovery obtained high enough which is on 94,95%. For end pH has decrease from 11 to 8