Riayah : Jurnal Sosial dan Keagamaan

Ri'ayah: Jurnal Sosial dan Keagamaan which is published by Post Pascasarjana IAIN Metro – Lampung. The accepted papers are the scientific which are the outcomes of either research or thoughts that never be published in other medias. The Journal Ri’ayah publishes works and relevanced issue refers to Social and Religious Journal in some studies such as: Social Phenomenon, Conflict of Religion, Social Violance, Harmony of Prularism, Multikulturalism, Religous Education, Social Culture, Social Studies, Humaniora, and the others. It is published for the readers both regional and global. The Ri’ayah is published into two volumes a year ( June and December). As the peer-review of Indonesian Journal, we accept scientific works on islamic studies which are writen both in English and Indonesia.

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